No digging, no concrete and no spoils to remove.

  • Guaranteed installation and structurally tested.
  • Safe and uncomplicated.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Cost effective.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Easy to lay services.
  • No waiting times, immediately load bearable.
  • No large machinery on site.
  • Installation not weather dependant.
  • High installation capacity.
  • Flexible … can be removed and relocated if required.
  • High loading capabilities.

At last there is a new way of siting your Park Home or Holiday Lodge.

UKGS Solutions Ltd are authorised installers of the industry leading ‘Krinner’ ground screw.

Based in the Midlands we are ideally located to offer a professional and cost effective installation service nationwide.

Not to be confused with screw piles, ground screws use no concrete on installation and are an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pad foundations, perfect for park/mobile homes and lodges.

Made from a minimum of 75% galvanised recycled steel ground screws are especially appealing to planners for areas of an environmentally sensitive nature, ground screws have little effect on the landscape, they do not interfere on natural watercourses and have a minimal effect on wildlife habitats.

As a fast and non-invasive, vibration free installation by either had held machinery or small tracked machines ground screws are also a cost effective method for ‘siting’ lodges and homes.

Installation is not weather dependant so can be installed all year round, from the frosty ground of winter to the dry summer conditions. Its fast too, foundations for up to 3 buildings can be completed in one day, ready for immediate use. Buildings can also be securely anchored to the ground screw and therefore securely anchored to the ground as well.

With a range of over 50 ground screws, some up to 3 metres in length, up to 17 tons of axial pressure can be loaded on a single ground screw without deflection.